The SBU exposed an FSB agent group in Kyiv, which passed the coordinates of the capital’s thermal power plants to the enemy in order to disrupt the heating season

The traitors scouted the location of Ukrainian military units, including the National Guard, thermal power plants and railway junctions.

The collected information was forwarded to the occupiers through anonymous Telegram channels. For each “report”, the invaders gave their henchmen a monetary “reward” in the amount of UAH 5,000 equivalents.

According to the investigation, the agent group was formed by a staff member of the Rostov region FSB administration after the start of a full-scale invasion. It included four residents of Kyiv.

They tried to involve a resident of Cherkasy region in their reconnaissance and subversive activities.

However, SBU employees worked ahead of time – timely exposed, established the location and detained the traitors.

SBU investigators informed the perpetrators of the suspicion.

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