The SBU exposed the Russian intelligence network, which was preparing provocations in Odessa for Putin’s birthday

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation exposed the agent network of the special services of the Russian Federation in Odessa. The group’s task was to carry out subversive activities in the region’s territory.

In particular, they performed the following tasks of the surveyors:

  • collected information about law enforcement officers, pro-Ukrainian activists and ATO participants to form so-called “wipe-down lists” if the Russians managed to capture the region;
  • carried out provocative actions and special information operations about the alleged support of the “Russian Peace” by Odessans;
  • bought weapons and related goods for the Russian DRG, which they planned to “throw” into the city.

In particular, on August 22, they held a provocative action in Odessa on the day of the Russian national flag: they hung an enemy tricolor with the inscription “Odessa – русский город (Russian city)” and gave these photos to the Russian mass media.

The next promotion was supposed to be “Happy Birthday to Putin” on October 7. The agents allegedly planned to create a picture of Ukrainian Odessa sincerely congratulating the president of the Russian Federation.

This task and the preparation of the “material and military base” for potential DRG groups required significant funds. So they tried to kidnap one of the local pro-Ukrainian businessmen, for whom they planned to demand a ransom.

The traitors were going to keep the man in the basement with the help of drugs, and under the threat of physical violence, force him to redraw the real estate and give up other valuable things.

However, thanks to the proactive actions of the Security Service, the attackers were apprehended during the attempted kidnapping of the businessman.

Measures to expose the perpetrators were carried out by employees of the SBI, SBU and the State Border Service under the procedural guidance of the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office.

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