The SBU prevented a rocket attack on National Guard facilities

The Security Service of Ukraine prevented rocket fire at National Guard facilities and exposed traitors who joined the occupiers

In the Kyiv region:

Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine detained a Russian agent passing information to the enemy about the deployment of a reserve post of units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

In addition, The Security Service of Ukraine detained three more traitors. During the temporary occupation of one of the villages, two residents of the Brovary district joined the occupiers and killed two citizens in the village of Velyka Dymerka.

Another collaborator helped the invaders arrange artillery calculations and set up checkpoints.

In the Lviv region:

During operative actions, a Russian special services agent was detained in the Lviv region. He turned out to be a representative of criminality. Convicted of serious crimes, he was imprisoned in the temporarily occupied territory, where he was recruited.

For the special services of the Russian Federation, the agent had to collect numerous data on the location and movement of Ukrainian troops and geolocations of strategically important objects. To do this, the perpetrator allegedly asked to be transferred to a prison in Ukraine, where he spent several more months and later remained in Ukraine. The SBU documented the fact that the agent received instructions from the Russian curator, and he was declared a suspect in treason.

In the Mykolaiv area:

The deputy chairman of the Bashtan district council was exposed in cooperation with the enemy. The collaborator publicly supported the invaders and took part in numerous “staged” stories by Russian propagandists.

The perpetrators have been reported on suspicion of treason, and she is currently trying to escape from the justice in the temporarily occupied territories. In that, SBU officers are working on detailed documentation of the facts of her crimes in order to bring her to justice

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