The Security Service of Ukraine eliminated the escape channel of evaders to the EU through self-proclaimed Transnistria

The Security Service continues the systematic fight against international organized crime, which threatens the state security of Ukraine.

As a result of a large-scale counterintelligence operation of the SSU on the border with self-proclaimed Transnistria, a powerful criminal group led by a “citizen” of an unrecognized republic was neutralized.

The perpetrators, with the participation of a corrupt border guard, organized a channel for illegally transporting Ukrainian citizens of military age abroad.

Illegal “traffic” ran to neighboring European countries through the territory of the so-called “PMR”.

The cost of such “services” was USD 5,500. The amount depended on his financial capabilities and the urgency of departure.

The evaders’ hidden escape routes passed beyond the state border checkpoints. The attackers used their vehicles to drive over rough terrain.

According to the investigation, the group included several border area residents. They were looking for potential clients for illegal departure to foreign countries.

At the same time, a resident of Transnistria played the role of a “guide” and provided relevant instructions regarding further actions abroad.

SSU officers documented the criminal scheme and detained all group members trying to take three “fugitives” out of Ukraine.

During searches of the detainees’ whereabouts, law enforcement officers found:

  • cash obtained illegally;
  • mobile phones with evidence of illegal activities.

A pre-trial investigation is underway to establish all the circumstances of the offense.

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