The Security Service of Ukraine eliminated the scheme of escape of evaders abroad under the guise of sailors of foreign ships

The security service blocked the channel of illegal transportation of Ukrainian citizens of military age abroad in Odessa.

The head of the local public association of sailors organizes illegal traffic.

She offered potential conscripts to secretly leave Ukraine, under the guise of allegedly working on foreign merchant ships.

For this purpose, the criminal provided her clients with forged documents on unfitness for military service.

The “services” cost was 7 to 8 thousand dollars per person. The amount depended on the circumstances and urgency of the “foreign” flight.

The perpetrator created an organized criminal group, including her father, to implement the device.

He met with clients, conducted negotiations and received money from them for escaping abroad.

Another group member is the head of a local seamen’s training center who used his connections in medical facilities to issue false “health” certificates. “Customers” received a package of fake documents from a courier.

The criminals used anonymous messengers to communicate with each other. However, the SSU employees promptly exposed the criminal mechanism and documented the receipt of almost 8,000 dollars.

As a result of investigative and operational actions, the law enforcement officers detained the organizer of the group, her close relative, and the head of the maritime training center.

During searches of their places of residence, computer equipment and documentation with evidence of criminal acts and cash obtained through illegal means were found.

Currently, a pre-trial investigation is underway to establish all the circumstances of the offenses and bring the guilty parties to justice.

The SSU of the Odessa region carried out crime detection measures under the procedural guidance of the regional prosecutor’s office.

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