The Security Service of Ukraine neutralized the Russian agents who were correcting missile strikes on the Donetsk railway

As a result of counter-subversive measures in the east, the Security Service neutralized another Russian intelligence network that carried out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the Donetsk region.

The attackers collected intelligence on the Ukrainian troops’ positions and adjusted artillery fire on critical infrastructure objects.

SBU employees exposed the manager of one of the local stations of Ukrzaliznytsia for collaborating with the enemy. While in office, she “leaked” secret information to the aggressors about the movement of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the region’s territory.

The coordinates were transferred in digital messages from their own accounts.

The occupiers planned to use the received information to carry out a series of massive missile attacks on the railway infrastructure.

It was established that the collaborator was recruited by a representative of the special services of the Russian Federation through her acquaintance – a so-called “deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR”.

The pre-trial investigation has been completed, and the detainee case has been sent to court.

Another Russian agent was detained by counter-intelligence officers of the Security Service in Bakhmut. The traitor gave the aggressors information about the location of the Armed Forces units in the front-line area.

An anonymous Telegram channel was used to transmit geolocations.

Two more enemy informants were detained at the intelligence gathering on the movement of Ukrainian troops in the Bakhmut district and near Druzhkivka.

One of the “liaisons” was a militant of the terrorist organization “DPR”, which is part of the occupation group in the east of Ukraine.

So far, the perpetrators have been informed of suspicions of committing crimes, and a preventive measure in the form of detention has been chosen.

Comprehensive measures are underway to expose and bring all traitors and collaborators to justice.

SBU employees carried out measures to neutralize Russian agents in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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