The Sejm of Poland failed to vote for the recognition of the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism

The Polish Seimas failed to adopt a resolution recognizing the Russian Federation as a state that supports terrorism.

This happened because of an amendment made by the ruling party, which was blocked by the opposition, according to PAP.

It is noted that during the evening discussion that preceded the vote, factions and groups unanimously supported the resolution. The problems began when an amendment was made regarding the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

“The Russian Federation is directly responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014, which killed 298 passengers and crew, as well as for the crash of the Polish Air Force flight 101 in Smolensk (Russia) in April 2010, in which killed 96 people on board, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, Polish officials, high-ranking Polish military and NATO military commanders, and members of the Polish parliament.” – the document says.

Before the vote, the opposition asked for a break in connection with the amendment, but the request was rejected. Foreign Affairs Committee rapporteur Pavel Koval of the opposition Civic Coalition rated it as one that “destroys the compromise.”

After the failure of the vote, the opposition demanded that the resolution be submitted without a new amendment. Exclamations were heard from their stands: “Russian agents!” As a result, the speaker called the situation a scandal and moved on to the next vote.

“The man who blew up a very good, well-thought-out joint resolution of the Seimas that recognizes the Russian Federation as a state supporting terrorism. And what does Anthony Matserevich do? He throws in an amendment that says that Russia is responsible for the assassination of the president of the republic. Matserevich wants to join Kachinsky drag Poland into a war with Russia? – The head of the faction “Civil Coalition,” Boris Budka, was indignant.

The failure of the vote surprised the Minister of European Affairs of Poland. It turned out that Szymon Andrzej Szynkowski vel Sęk came to the vote directly from the airport so as not to miss the consideration of a meaningful resolution.

“I am all the more surprised by this attitude since international institutions, including the European Parliament in 2015, then the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in October 2018, then the European Parliament, in another resolution adopted a few days ago, condemned Russia for its actions – of course, in In 2015, it had a softer meaning, but even then the content of the resolution contained a mention of the Smolensk disaster,” the minister said.

It has yet to be discovered when the Seimas will return to consider this resolution.