The SSU detained a foreign criminal in Ternopil who is wanted by Interpol and who tried to create a criminal group in Ukraine

The Security Service continues the systematic fight against international crime, which threatens the state security of Ukraine. As a result of a special operation in Ternopil, a foreigner who was wanted by Interpol for committing serious crimes was detained.

The detainee was a member of an international criminal group from the South Caucasus. The perpetrators specialized in robbery attacks, which they committed with particular brutality.

SSU employees received information that one of the gang members secretly arrived in our country, where he hoped to hide from justice.

In addition, the attacker tried to create his criminal group in the west of Ukraine to carry out “raids” on the homes and businesses of local residents.

In this way, he planned to spread his criminal influence on the region’s territory and “rise in the status” of the criminal hierarchy.

Such actions could lead to an aggravation of the criminogenic situation and destabilization of the social and political situation in the western regions.

However, employees of the Security Service prevented the realization of criminal intentions. They located the criminal and arrested him.

Currently, the issue of applying for extradition arrest to him is being resolved. The possible involvement of the detainee in committing grave crimes on the territory of Ukraine is also being checked.

Measures to expose the foreign criminal were carried out by operatives of the SSU of the Ternopil region together with the State Migration Service.

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