The SSU neutralized criminal groups that terrorized residents of Odessa, Kharkiv and Sumy region

The Security Service continues the systematic fight against organized crime, which threatens the state security of Ukraine in wartime conditions.

As a result of special operations in the Odessa, Kharkiv and Sumy regions, criminal groups that terrorized and tried to intimidate local residents were neutralized.

Criminals carried out robbery attacks on the private houses of citizens and imposed “tribute” on local entrepreneurs.

In case of refusal, they applied psychological pressure, committed violence, and threatened to kill, including relatives of the victims.

The activities of criminal groups led to the aggravation of the criminogenic situation and destabilized the internal situation in the regions.

During investigative and operational actions in Odessa, a group that acted on behalf of a sanctioned “thief in law” nicknamed “Auto Kopala” was neutralized. The leadership of the gang was carried out by the so-called “watcher” from the city ​​pre-trial detention center. While in the pre-trial detention center, the criminal coordinated the actions of his henchmen “at large”.

SBU employees detained active gang members trying to “extort” money from a local businessman. They were informed of the suspicion of committing a crime, and the preventive measure was chosen in the form of detention.

In Kharkiv:

A criminal group that demanded money from citizens under false pretenses was neutralized. For this, they created artificial conflict situations and then “offered” to solve them for cash.

The organized criminal group included unemployed citizens, who had previously been repeatedly convicted of criminal offenses.

Employees of the Security Service detained all four members of the gang for another attempt to “beat out” a non-existent debt.

In Sumy region:

The activity of a group that demanded money from people to fill the “thieves’ cash register” was blocked. Among the victims of the defendants’ actions, in particular, are internally displaced persons.

As a result of the SBU special operation, all gang members and their organizer, who tried to flee abroad, were detained.

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