The Ukrainian military received Pinzgauer armored SUVs from philanthropists

Yesterday in the UK, and today – at the front. Two SUVs are already serving in the combat brigades of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the rest have been sent to other types of troops.

One of the Ukrainian entrepreneurs, together with partners, donated Pinzgauer armored vehicles to the army – as strong and reliable as our soldiers. These multi-purpose military jeeps of 2009 production are real all-terrain vehicles. Iron horses that will pass even through hell – so say the military.

“My help to the Ukrainian army is anonymous so that no one knows my name or sees my face. I do my job, what I have to do in such times. I will be where my help is needed the most. I know and understand all the needs. After the victory, I will definitely reveal myself,” said a businessman before the war, and now a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the nickname “Mountain”, who also regularly helps the army.

Jeeps can work as tractors, as medical machines, and as machines for deep reconnaissance, support, and communication.

Pinzgauer is a universal multi-purpose machine manufactured by BAE Systems Land Systems. They can be used both for the transportation of personnel and for medical purposes or the transport of ammunition. Pinzgauer is equipped with additional modular armor, and the machine protects against small arms fire, artillery shells and explosions.

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