The Ukrainian pavilion at the World Expo 2020 Dubai is open to visitors

On October 1, the Ukrainian pavilion was inaugurated as part of the Expo 2020 Dubai.

For the first time in many years, Ukraine is represented by a separate location at the Expo – International Event # 1, which consolidates the achievements of mankind and sets priorities for the future.

The six-month programme of the Ukrainian pavilion was launched with the grand opening with the participation of Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Mykhailo Lev and Deputy Minister of Economy of the UAE for Foreign Trade and Industry Abdulla Alsaleh, Ukrainian schoolchildren and diaspora representatives residing in Dubai.

For the first time, Ukraine is presenting its national pavilion at the Expo to the world. Our goal is to demonstrate that our country is, above all, about intelligence, technology and innovation. This is what should be the personification of Ukraine in the eyes of the whole world.

Mykhailo Lev, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine
On the fourth floor of the Ukrainian pavilion, among the expositions of contemporary art Ellipsis, there is a unique technological object, “SkyLab robo-complex”. In the first days of the World’s Fair, the robot congratulated Expo 2020 on receiving the first million subscribers and appeared in a video on the official Instagram page @expo2020dubai

The theme of our pavilion is “Smart Ukraine: uniting the world”. We want to unite people around global problems and how to live, hear and feel smart nowadays.

Mykhailo Lev, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine

The Ukrainian pavilion at the Expo 2020 exhibition is a single space divided into three thematic groups: smart life, smart thinking, smart feelings. Each of the groups reveals the possibilities of rational, technological and ecological existence through the prism of technologies and tools available today to the majority of the world’s population. The internal filling of the pavilion shows the uniqueness and originality of the Ukrainian people, our culture through the prism of modern technologies. The main emphasis is on innovations that make life environmentally friendly, energy-intensive and rational.

The pavilion of Ukraine with a total area of 2600 square meters is decorated with the use of Ukrainian style and ornaments, the architectural image embodies the idea of an ear of wheat. Stands of Ukrainian innovative companies presenting their unique product are located on each of the four floors of the pavilion. All exhibits are united around the idea of the possibility of sustainable development of a “new innovative and mobile society” that exists in harmony with nature.

Photo: Expo 2020 Dubai

Once inside the pavilion, guests get to know Ukraine on a sensory level from the first step. In front of them opens the space of a wheat field, where you can breathe fresh air and discover the natural smell of Ukrainian fields. The exhibition “Field” consists of natural wheat and its innovative forms (art object “nano-wheat”). The installation “Thinking” consists of the art object “Cube”, which symbolizes the “smart thinking” of Ukraine – a country with great creative and intellectual potential. On the ground floor of the pavilion, there is also a multimedia gallery, “Smart Life”, where guests are visually immersed in the “smart life” of Ukraine.

On the second level of the pavilion, guests get into the atmosphere of Ukraine’s cultural heritage. The exposition is built in the form of a DNA molecule, and each individual fragment is a genre excerpt. The plots are based on the same dialogue, which gives the opportunity not only to immerse oneself in folk aesthetics but also to explore connections – dialogues that are inherent in the cultural and ethical allegory of the country. The concept of the project is based on the main monumental postulates that we found in the process of rethinking the cultural code: the multivalence of Ukrainian culture, transformation, dialogue.

Our goal is to be exciting and surprise visitors.

On each floor of the pavilion, there are stands of innovative Ukrainian companies that present their unique product. Yes, the Ukrainian pavilion will be a platform for demonstrating the possibilities of a smart approach in life. All exhibits are united around ​​the possibility of sustainable development of a “new innovative and mobile society” that exists in harmony with nature.

Smart life, smart thinking, and smart feelings come together in the Ukrainian pavilion: the Ukrainian nation demonstrates how bright ideas and the latest innovations can help create a better future.

Acquiring the quality of the logical final thesis of the entire exhibition narrative of the Ukrainian pavilion “EXPO-2020”, the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art “Ellipsis” becomes a concentrated expression of our dreams, an inspired look into the future. Through artists’ worldview, who are often forerunners or reporters of social rebirths, we seek to see what is happening to us today and what awaits Ukraine. Anna Avetova curated the project.

Source: Expo 2020, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

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