The USA discussed with Italy the transfer of SAMP-T air defense systems to Ukraine

The US called on Italy to provide Ukraine with the next aid package as soon as possible, in particular, the SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile systems.

This is reported by La Repubblica.

The media sources in diplomatic circles shared that Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser to the US president, discussed the issue of supplying Ukraine with a new aid package from Italy in a conversation on January 5 with the diplomatic adviser of the Italian prime minister, Francesco Talo. According to sources, Sullivan called on Talo to speed up the transfer of air defense systems, particularly the Italian-French SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile complex.

The media writes that SAMP-T is a powerful system against aircraft, drones, and cruise missiles, but it has limited capabilities against ballistic missiles. Thus, the SAMP-T complex can protect such a large city as Kyiv. La Repubblica notes that Italy has five working SAMP-T air defense batteries and one training battery in service. It lacks a launcher, but work on its modernization is already underway.

La Repubblica also emphasizes that, at the political level, Italy promised to transfer the SAMP-T air defense system to Ukraine a few weeks ago. However, the country’s government has not yet approved this decision in the sixth decree on military aid to Ukraine.