The Verkhovna Rada adopted two European integration bills in the environmental sphere

On July 18, the Parliament has approved in general the draft Law of Ukraine on the ratification of the Amendment and the Second Amendment to the Convention on environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context No. 0154, submitted by the President of Ukraine. 323 People’s Deputies voted in favor of the bill.

The draft law expands the list of activities covered by the Convention, introduces monitoring and regular reporting on the implementation of the Convention. This is especially important in the post-war period. After all, Ukraine must be rebuilt according to European standards and requirements.

The Verkhovna Rada also approved in the first reading the government bill No. 6477 “On the National Register of Emissions and Pollutant Release.” 296 MPs voted in support.

Back in 2016, Ukraine ratified the Kyiv Protocol of the Aarhus Convention, confirming its readiness to conduct its environmental policy openly, interact with citizens and involve them in solving environmental issues. Given the adoption of the draft law, we will be able to fulfill this condition and fully implement the Protocol on Emissions Registers and Pollutant Release.

“Despite the war, we must fulfill our European integration obligations. The approval of the draft laws once again confirms the seriousness of Ukraine’s intentions to become part of the European Union. Therefore, we continue to shorten the distance to the EU, we are building a new future for our country”, commented the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ruslan Strilets.

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