There is not a single region in Ukraine that does not have companies related to Russia or Belarus – study’s results

By the materials of Latifundist

There are 14,728 companies registered in Ukraine, the beneficial owners of which are citizens of Russia or Belarus. The share of agro-industrial complex business from these companies is relatively small — 588, but these numbers are shocking after six months of a full-scale war.

The company LIGA ZAKON analyzed the connections of Ukrainian companies of the agro-industrial complex with the enemy side. The selection of businesses had its own criteria. The selected research subjects are legal entities; individual entrepreneurs were not included. Each company is currently active – this is evidenced by the status in the register “registered”, businesses with the status “discontinued” or “bankruptcy” were not taken into account. Also, companies registered on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea were not included in the study.

According to the study’s results, the largest number of connections of agricultural enterprises with the enemy side was found in the capital.

There are 200 companies in Kyiv and the region. Cherkasy region has the fewest connections with the enemy — only 6 companies, which make up 0.15% of the total number of agribusinesses in the region.

The capital is followed by the Odessa region, where 45 companies were identified, 36 businesses were registered in the Kyiv region. In fourth place is Vinnytsia, which also has 36 companies with Russian and Belarusian footprints. The Lviv region ranks among the top five, where 29 companies are working with the enemy.

It is noted that there is not a single region in Ukraine that does not have companies related to Russia or Belarus. However, the lowest percentage among all registered companies is in Cherkasy (0.15%), Kirovohrad (0.18%), and Ternopil regions (0.19%).

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