“They have 4 more routes”. How the Russians replaced the Antonovsky bridge

The Russians are desperately trying to establish logistics with their right-bank grouping. To do this, they conducted a number of routes by which they will try to avoid fire damage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There are almost no opportunities for civilians to move by crossings. Kherson activist Vladimir Molchanov said Channel 24 about this.

The activist noted that there are almost no opportunities for civilian transport to move along the crossings.

“There is only one ferry near the Antonovsky bridge. For Russians, it serves as a distracting location. More civilians are transported there than military. They also have 4 possible routes that they try to transport on pontoons”

Antonovsky bridge

According to him, most of these routes are between Lvove and Korsunka.

“They are longer than the Antonovskaya crossing. Much longer – it’s more than 3 kilometers because you have to overcome the straits between the Konka and the Dnieper – that is, the Dnieper Islands. Overcoming them on a pontoon is still a pleasure, especially when it gets colder,” the interlocutor added.

He pointed out that the accumulation of the transport of the invaders is constantly successfully used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, destroying them.

“This is happening in Kazatsky, Novaya Kakhovka, near the dam, where they also tried to cross from the lock canal, near Lvovsky and Korsunka, at the same crossing of the Antonovsky bridge. Yesterday they tried to cross in large numbers by barges from the Hola Pristan piers,” the activist said.

In his opinion, the Russians will continue to try to cross, constantly ignoring the needs of civilians.

“Not half of them, but more are waiting for death during this crossing, which means a significant deterioration in supplies to the invaders not only in food but in fuel and ammunition. If this were not the case, they effectively defended themselves and would not have allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out those offensive actions that are already known about”.

Antonovsky bridge

He summarized that today there are many such actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which it is still impossible to say about where the Ukrainian military has advanced since the enemy has an advantage in aviation and artillery.