“This is a city of Ukrainian resilience and courage,” – the head of the German Foreign Ministry arrived in Kharkiv

Minister Annalena Baerbock wants to personally learn about the situation in the city and listen to residents who are experiencing the Cold War, the website of the Federal Foreign Office reports.

This city is a symbol of the absolute madness of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and the endless suffering that people, especially here in the east of the country, face every day… People need to know that they can count on our solidarity and support.

Baerbock assured that Germany will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Dmytro Kuleba, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, wrote about this visit:

Today Annalena Baerbock and I visited wartime Kharkiv where Russia caused enormous suffering. Kharkiv is now a symbol of successful Ukrainian counteroffensives which prove Ukraine will win with sufficient support of partners. I have no doubts further German military aid will come.

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