“This is a war for prestige”: Russian political scientist explained on what conditions Putin is ready to stop

The political scientist also explained how long the Russian dictator is ready to wage war against Ukraine.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is ready to end the war in Ukraine, but on the condition that he emerges victorious from it. Now it is already a war for Putin’s prestige.

This was announced on the air of Apostrophe TV by Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin.

“Putin will not ask (for a truce) because he cannot do it. But in principle, there are intentions. He just would like to get out of this war with the expression of a winner on his face. This is fundamentally important for him, fundamentally. In fact, the war is no longer for the “denazification”, the demilitarization of Ukraine, it is not even for “protecting the Russian population of Donbas”, as we are told. It is for Putin’s prestige. Putin understands that he got into the wrong place It’s tough to come out with a good facial expression,” he explained.

Dmitry Oreshkin

According to him, Putin is ready to withdraw from the war, but he needs to emerge victoriously. However, Ukraine does not allow this.

“So he got angry. It seems obvious to me. And he is waging war for his existence – both for the political and even for the physical. This is the main goal. The main goal is to draw victory because if this victory cannot be drawn, he will be devoured by his He knows this very well,” the political scientist said.

Putin will fight as long as there is something and until he can portray something acceptable for the exit.

“If he cannot do this, this is his end. If Ukraine repels the same Kherson or strikes at Crimea, this will cause quite an obvious misunderstanding and indignation among Putin’s fans. “We thought that he was a Father, but he , it turns out, a coward, a woman, who still does not know how to fight.” Many people have the same logic. Therefore, he will rush forward to scare Ukraine again, and after that, he will propose a truce, looking from above. In Kyiv, this is already understood and see no reason to say that it is necessary to stop hostilities,” concluded Oreshkin.

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