Three basic ideas of collective Putin

It is impossible to agree on something with people who are supporters of paranoid ideas, the expert noted.

By Igor Eidman

“Some write about the influence of Ivan Ilyin on the worldview of Putin’s elite, others – Lev Gumilyov, others, God forgive me – Dugin or Prokhanov. And I think that there is no book influence here. It was Lenin and Trotsky who read books in their youth. And these “dialectics were taught not according to Hegel” and even, once again I apologise for the indecent word, not according to Dugin. Their worldview was formed in the dark St. Petersburg gateways, where you could racket a late students; in Chekist operational apartments, where they first “knocked” (made reports) themselves and then listened to the denunciations of others; in the showdowns and revels of gangster Petersburg: kickbacks, cuts, graters, blood, cocaine, girls.

Their ideas about the world are at the level of a tribe of cannibals, a teenage gang, and a gangster group. However, they are not just savages – permanent violence, fear, and uncontrolled power have made them almost insane.

The worldview of the collective Putin is based on three basic paranoid ideas.

  • Hottentot morality

The law of the jungle reigns in the world, “the weak are beaten”, and the strong is always right. It is necessary to “beat first”. Otherwise “they will put on a chain and pull out the claws and teeth.” If you eat your enemy, that’s good; if he eats you, that’s bad. There is no other morality and there cannot be. All arguments about democracy, international law, and human rights are bluffs, necessary only to weaken and eat the enemy.

  • Delusions of persecution

Russia’s main eternal enemy is the West, primarily the United States. They want to deprive us of power to rule our tribe and plunder it instead of us. And they also want to make our children homosexual to fuck the tribe not only morally, but also physically. “The Ukrainians are part of our tribe, which went over to the enemy’s side and now threatens us.”

  • Delusions of grandeur

The West destroyed the USSR, taking advantage of the weakness of the Soviet leaders. And we are strong, we will restore a great power, we will dominate wherever Russian tsars and general secretaries ruled. This is our jungle and only we have the right to rule here.

The West will not be able to interfere with us in this. There are weaklings and perverts. He is in decline and at sunset. Our time has come. We will be the coolest and most influential in the world.

A set of these delusional, overvalued ideas constitutes the worldview of the collective Putin. It is clear that it is impossible to agree on something with the carriers of such an “ideology”. Only orderlies can calm them down, and they are armed not only with syringes and pills.”

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