Trade networks of two more countries joined the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to promote Ukrainian goods abroad

Ukrainian diplomats agreed to hold promotions for Ukrainian goods in the trade networks of Georgia and Denmark as part of the work of the Council of Exporters and Investors under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

In 12 chains of stores in Georgia, Ukrainian goods were marked with special stickers that attract additional attention of consumers.

A presentation of Ukrainian wine, 100,000 bottles of which have already arrived in Denmark, took place in the Danish SOOR network. In autumn, a significant expansion of the range of Ukrainian goods on the Danish markets is planned.

The geography of the presence and assortment of Ukrainian goods is constantly expanding. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ initiative to promote Ukrainian goods abroad aims to support Ukrainian manufacturers who export their products, provide jobs to Ukrainians and pay taxes to the state budget.

Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said that thanks to the efforts of Ukrainian diplomats, 4 actions were launched in three countries before the Independence Day of Ukraine:

  • Italy: Promotion “The best Ukrainian brands for the Independence Day of Ukraine”.
  • Poland: “Days of Ukrainian cuisine”.
  • Estonia: two promotions “Buy Ukrainian goods. Support Ukraine”.

According to Dmytro Kuleba, every Ukrainian exporting company can get new opportunities to enter world markets with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ukrainian diplomats are waiting for requests from Ukrainian businesses through the NAZOVNI digital platform and are ready to help as much as possible.

The Council of Exporters and Investors under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) is a platform where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accumulates information about investment and trade opportunities from around the world and also promotes the establishment of business contacts between Ukrainian exporters and importers abroad.

NAZOVNI is a Ukrainian business globalization service created to promote goods and services abroad with the assistance of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions.

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