Turkey will supply equipment for processing agricultural products to Ukraine

Turkey can become one of the most important equipment suppliers for the processing of Ukrainian agricultural products.

This was discussed during the meeting of the First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economic of Ukraine Yulia Sviridenko with the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Turkey Mehmet Mus, the Ukrainian ministry said.

As noted, due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the possibility of Ukrainian exports through seaports is temporarily unavailable.

“Due to the temporary loss of maritime logistics, we must reorient ourselves from volumes in tons to volumes in monetary terms. This means exporting mainly processed products. For this, Ukrainian enterprises need turnkey technological equipment. Turkey can be one of the most important suppliers. The key here is the provision by the Turkish side of export financing for the supply of equipment for Ukrainian customers,” said Yulia Sviridenko.

It is also noted that it is now important to restore production chains. Turkish companies supplied Ukraine with their own raw materials for processing and subsequent export or sale in domestic markets. Now many companies have suspended this format of cooperation due to military risks, so the Ministry of Economy is working to improve their functioning.

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