Two grain bulk carriers handled in Odessa Sea Port at the same time

The bulkers ISABELLA MANX (United Kingdom flag) and EKATERINA (Malta flag) were handled on the same day by Brooklyn-Kiev LLC

On April the 29th, the dockers of Brooklyn-Kiev LLC handled two grain bulkers at berths 46-47 of the Sugar Pier of Bread Harbour. At the berth N. 46, the corn holds t/x EKATERINA (L = 165.5 m). A batch of 25,650 tonnes was loaded onto the ship. More sophisticated in technological terms is the treatment on the adjacent berth N. 47 t/h ISABELLA MANX (L = 199.9 m).

According to the senior stevedore Vitaliy Kugut, several shipments of cargo were loaded onto the vessel: in holds N. 1,2,4 – wheat with protein 12,5%; in hold N. 5 – wheat with protein 11,5%; in hold N. 3 – corn. The total weight of the ship’s party is 53,990 tons.

The senior stevedore points out that the ISABELLA MANX t / x is still quite a “fresh” ship built in 2019 and is one of its first flights. As the bulk carrier goes under the “expensive” flag, seafarers sign contracts with all the requirements of the ITF (International Sailors Union), and the ship-owner’s management pays people a decent wage and allocates money for the timely maintenance of the ship’s machinery.

The new ISABELLA MANX attracts the view of the originality of the structures. The ship was built in accordance with the requirements for operation in the northern latitudes, as evidenced by the contours of the bow, carried far overboard anchor hulls and tank semi-closed type to prevent the flood deck from storm waves and icing deck mechanisms.

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