Two Island-class boats donated by the Pentagon to the Ukrainian Naval Forces arrived in Odessa

Two American Island-type boats, which the United States has given to Ukraine as part of material-technical assistance, have arrived in Ukraine on board American dry-cargo ship “Ocean Grant”, according to the Ukrainian Navy’s press service.

The last part of the Ocean Grant transition was accompanied by another Ukrainian “Island”, received in the fall of 2019 “Slavyansk”. She met the cargo vessel at the Bosphorus.

Two Island-type boats, which have been given the names “Fastiv” and “Sumy”, arrived on November 23, on board the Ocean Grand vessel from Baltimore (Maryland, the U.S.),” the press service reported, and docked at berth No. 35 in the Zavodskoy harbor of the Odessa port.

The unloading of the boats will begin in a few days. The Ukrainian Navy ensign will be hoisted on the Fastiv and the Sumy soon, after which they will begin performing their duties maintaining security in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov under the command of Ukrainian crews.

Another boat of this type is expected in Odessa by the end of the year. A new group of Ukrainian sailors earlier took part in a passing out ceremony at a U.S. Coast Guard shipyard after taking a six-week training course to operate Island-type boats.

The American cargo vessel passing the Vorontsov lighthouse


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