Two months of Advantage Ukraine – received more than 370 inquiries regarding investments in Ukraine

In the two months since the Advantage Ukraine investment platform launch, more than 370 requests have been received. This is evidenced by operational data of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

In particular, more than a hundred inquiries were received from strategic and portfolio investors from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Republic of Korea, etc.

Within the framework of the Advantage Ukraine initiative, investors are primarily interested in such sectors of the Ukrainian economy as innovations and technologies, agro-industrial complex, mining, infrastructure, industrial production, and logistics. Projects in the energy and defense industry sectors are also of considerable interest.

“To stimulate the inflow of foreign direct investments, the Ministry of Economy is actively working with international partners on the mechanism of military risk insurance and on attracting debt financing from MFIs to implement investment projects. Despite the tense military and economic situation, the vast majority of potential investors understand the inevitability of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration and are already ready to consider projects in sectors that traditionally have global competitive advantages or are aimed at the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine,” said Deputy Minister of Economy Oleksandr Hryban.

The Advantage Ukraine project team, working with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Program, processes requests from foreign investors and also provides professional advice and analytical support to domestic companies seeking to attract equity or debt capital. The most promising projects are concentrated in the agro-industrial sector in the spheres of innovation and technology, and energy.

According to advantageukraine.com statistics, tens of thousands of users from 140 countries visited the platform in two months of operation. Most of them are from the countries of the “Big Seven” (G7).

As a reminder, the Advantage Ukraine investment attraction initiative was presented on September 6 as part of a major campaign developed by WPP with the support of the President of Ukraine. The platform collects investment projects and opportunities in 10 sectors of the economy with a total potential of more than $400 billion.

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