Two more NASAMS platoons will be handed over to Ukraine

Each platoon has 3-4 launchers with six AMRAAM missiles each.

Norway, together with the United States, will transfer two more platoons of NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine, the website of the Norwegian government reports.

“Ukraine is in dire need of protection from missile attacks, and Norway will provide assistance,” the press service quoted the country’s defense minister, Mr. Bjørn Arild Gram.

NASAMS will come in addition to two platoons provided by the US last fall.

Each platoon has 3-4 launchers with six AMRAAM missiles each, as well as a radar station, a fire control point, and a piece of equipment with an electro-optical camera.

“Another two fire units will significantly improve Ukraine’s ability to defend its cities and critical infrastructure from Russian missile attacks,” the website says.

Norway will also train Ukrainian personnel to maintain and operate the system.

The United States, together with Norway, handed over the first platoons of advanced NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine in November 2022, when Russia had just begun to terrorize cities and critical infrastructure with missile attacks.

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