Two-thirds of Ukrainian drivers want to buy electric cars due to rising fuel prices

Two-thirds of Ukrainian drivers (66%) are thinking about buying an electric car or a hybrid car, according to a survey conducted by BlaBlaCar among more than 11,000 drivers, writes The Village.

Among the reasons are the increase in fuel prices (41% of respondents) and the economic benefits of using electric cars (36%).

Also, 42% of drivers note that they started driving less often due to increased fuel prices and will continue to drive only for urgent needs. Almost half of the respondents drive a diesel, even though diesel fuel prices are currently the highest among other types of fuel (at the same time, such cars are more economical in fuel consumption and have a longer service life).

Another 29% of drivers drive on gasoline, 17% use gasoline cars with installed gas systems, 6% have gas cars, and only 1% – are electric cars.

Among the electric cars used on BlaBlaCar, the most popular are Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and Tesla.

The travel platform notes that Ukrainians began to use BlaBlaCar less during the war (this was noted by 42% of respondents). At the same time, 60% of respondents said they plan to take traveling companions more often to compensate for fuel costs.

The survey was conducted using an online questionnaire from July 28 to August 12, 2022.

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