Ukraine among the best countries for remote work

Kyiv named one of world’s best places for remote work in 2021 in the international ranking 50 Best Places For Remote Working In 2021.

Remote workers seem to be lucky to stay in Kyiv, as a recent ranking shows. Kyiv ranks 20th out of 50 of the most comfortable cities to work remotely in 2021, according to the travel website Big 7 Travel.

Kyiv is a vibrant capital city is perfect for every type of remote worker looking to explore a unique culture over a long stay period. Not only is the WiFi solid but there are loads of coworking spaces, and Kyiv has great connections to the rest of Europe, making it a practical option for those who want to indulge in budget travel. Next up, is Kyiv’s affordability. A studio in the city centre shouldn’t set you back more than $ 500 and dinner no more than $ 20; giving you enough extra cash to spend exploring the region. Of course, if you can handle a cold winter and you are familiar with Russian and Ukrainian,

A good example of working environment in Kyiv is the office of Balbek Bureau, Ukrainian architecture and interior design studio founded by the architect Slava Balbek. Today, it is almost empty because of keeping quarantine measures due to COVID-19 epidemic.

Source and pictures: Kyiv Post