Ukraine and EU: “Industrial visa-free regime”

Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Oleksandr Hryban, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Remi Duflot, and Trade Manager of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine Anne Bersio met to discuss further steps to conclude the ACAA agreement.

The results of legislative adaptation, including regulations in the field of energy efficiency and energy labeling, are monitored by filling in the “Tracking tables” developed jointly with the European side.

To date, Ukraine has generally fulfilled its obligations to adapt horizontal and sectoral legislation.

“Implementation of the ACAA Agreement will promote the introduction of a new model of Ukraine’s economic development, increase the competitiveness and innovation of Ukrainian industrial products in both domestic and foreign markets. These are new opportunities to attract investment, as well as high-quality and safe products for consumers, which is especially important for trade facilitation and recovery of Ukraine’s economy during martial law,” said Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Oleksandr Hryban.

He thanked the European side for supporting Ukraine during russia’s military aggression, and in particular in the field of deregulation of trade in industrial products.

So far, the Ukrainian side has taken into account the recommendations of European experts provided in the reports on the results of the first phase of the previous EU assessment mission within which the state of adaptation of horizontal and vertical legislation of quality infrastructure of Ukraine to acts of EU legislation, standardization systems and metrology of Ukraine was assessed.

The Ministry of Economy has prepared and handed over to the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Remi Duflot the Roadmap for assistance to state-owned enterprises in the field of martial law, in particular with the support of technical assistance projects in Ukraine.

The Parties will make every effort to expedite further assessment missions with flexible online and offline approaches. The European side assured of support for Ukraine’s national quality infrastructure system at this difficult time.

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