Ukraine approves Esports as an Official Sport

According to Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Aleksandr Bornyakov, after recognition, now esports (electronic sports) is becoming a part of the Ukrainian economy.

The Ukrainian Ministry for Youth and Sports has recognized esports as an official sports of the country. The decision was made following intense lobbying from two national esports associations in the country: the Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF) and the Ukrainian Professional Cybersport Association.

After all, holding competitions, developing infrastructure and developing games can significantly replenish the country’s budget and open up new opportunities and prospects

Aleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

The leading esports market is Asia where it brought $ 321 million in 2015, $ 224 million in North America, and $ 172 million in Europe. Esports audience is estimated at 420 million viewers.

However, that industry is very popular with both its representatives and people of completely different professions, of different ages and sex. Esports is recognized in many countries around the world – South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA etc. – and is the part of their economies. The recognition of esports as an official sport in Ukraine is a significant step towards development, modernization and capacity building.

We want our children, who are already at the computer most of the time, not to become addicted to gaming, but to be able to turn their hobby into an intellectual competition.

In 2018, Ukraine even created the Cybersport Federation to promote it. There were the representatives of the Federation who submitted documents to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the recognition of esports as an official sport.

As an extra one of the founders of Na’Vi, Aleksandr Kokhanovskiy, together with partners, recently bought the Dnipro hotel in the center of Kiev. He wants to create a special space for esports players: training areas, an esports stage, rooms for professional players, etc.

Esports as an official sport in Ukraine will affect many spheres – tourism, telecom, education, and, of course, the financial services sector. Recognition as a real sport is a welcome step that will bring about positive changes. Ukraine will attract closer attention of global industry representatives such as Blizzard, Epic Games, Valve.

We cannot ignore this phenomenon because esports is developing very fast all over the world

Vadym Gutzayt, Ukraine’s Sports Minister

The sport status will further expand the audience of online games, which means the expansion of the audience of players who pay. Banks and non-bank financial institutions will respond – with service improvement, new conditions, card or credit products – in short, everything that will help increase the average purchase amount for the digital goods.

Although the getting of the necessary stamp in the eyes of the state may be perceived as one of the main achievements. The gaming industry and esports can no longer be treated with indulgence. Such seriousness means great responsibility.