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Main Culture — Industrial Fairytale by Vasyl Dmytryk


Industrial Fairytale by Vasyl Dmytryk

07 Oct, 2020
Industrial Fairytale by Vasyl Dmytryk

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Industrial Fairytale. An Exhibition of Vasyl Dmytryk
08.10.2020 - 01.11.2020

If in Kyiv you're welcome to the Dymchuk Gallery that presents the "Industrial Fairytale" project by the younga and talented artist Vasyl Dmytryk. The exhibition features sculptures and found objects.

Dmytryk’s workshop is located on the territory of the former Odessa Shipyard Plant. The factory and the stories related to it are the main motif of the project. The artist uses wooden models and molds for casting found on the territory and transforms them, inspired by the past of the industrial zone.

The central figure of the series is Countess Elena Tolstoy, who lived in Odessa in the 19th century. Her life story is fairytale-like: she worked as a laundress before marrying Count Mikhail Tolstoy. The couple made a great contribution to the life of Odesa. In particular, they created the Water Rescue Society –  its building still stands on the territory of the shipyard.

Many stories collected by the artist give the abandoned industrial area a mythical, fairytale character. Thus, the image of romanticized industrial ruins that is spread across the post-Soviet space finds new life in Dmytryk’s works.

Vasyl Dmytryk
Born in 1991 in Ivano-Frankivsk
In 2016 graduated from Grekov Odesa Art College
Creates sculptures and installations from recycled materials, wood, metal
Lives and works in Odesa

When I work with a material, I explore its sensory and symbolic nature. Each material has its own specific language, and working by hand reveals it. Sometimes I just follow the language of wood, metal, stone, styrofoam, whereas sometimes I bring new words to this process, creating a new dictionary. I am interested in the search for primary foundations, the search for realness at the stage of its birth. In my artistic practice, I explore the primitive reality, which is the part of the vital matter of the world

Vasya Dmytryk
odessajournal 0
Left: Industrial Fairytale. Right: "Modus"
odessajournal 1
Left: Seducer. Right: "Xeno-agent"

Dymchuk Gallery was founded by Anatoliy Dymchuk in 2008. For several years in a row, the gallery has initiated and implemented projects at various locations in Kyiv and Odesa. Later, the gallery opened the doors in Kyiv at 21 Yaroslavska St.

Since 2013, Dymchuk gallery team regularly holds exhibitions, participates in international fairs, and is actively involved in publishing and educational activities. The mission of the gallery is to develop Ukrainian contemporary art market by promoting contemporary Ukrainian artists, organizing personal and group exhibitions; promoting the participation of artists in festivals, biennials, fairs.

The gallery participates in leading international art events: KUNSTART 2009, ART KYIV contemporary 2009 – 2012, ARSENALE 2012, Berliner Liste 2013, VOLTA 10, Kolner Liste 2015, Art Copenhagen 2015.

Dymchuk Gallery produces projects together with the largest cultural institutions in Ukraine. Among them is the project “Odesa school. Traditions and Modernity” in Art Arsenal (2013), “Yuriy Yegorov. In the bright sun” at the National Art Museum of Ukraine (2018), “Arsen Savadov. Laboratory of Orpheus” at the Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art (2019) and more.

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The Odessa Journal

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