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Ukraine Film Festival in Poland

10 Nov, 2021
Ukraine Film Festival in Poland

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UKRAINA! Festiwal Filmowy will take place 12-18 November.

The last five years have been the most fruitful time in Ukrainian cinema since independence in 1991. Year by year, Ukrainian cinema is attracting more and more interest from international festivals, film critics, and viewers. In the programme of the four editions of the Ukraine festival! there are screenings of the most important and award-winning Ukrainian films from recent years, meetings with filmmakers, audience plebiscite for the festival's best film, Ukrainian cuisine workshops, screenings and classes for children, concerts, and exhibitions.

The festival showed how strong is the need to talk, get to know each other, and understand each other. More and more Ukrainians live in Poland; they are our neighbours, colleagues, and colleagues. We want the festival to symbolically build a bridge between Poles and Ukrainians to have an opportunity to talk and have fun together.

Beata Bierońska-Lach, director of the festival

Tickets and passes can be purchased on the mojeekino.pl platform
Passes: PLN 69, available from 5.11.2021
Tickets: PLN 15, available from 11/11/2021

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List of movies that will be shown online:

Feature films

  • Rhino, dir. Oleh Sentsov, drama, Ukraine, Poland, Germany 2021, 101 '
  • Blindfolded, dir. Taras Dron, drama, sports, Ukraine 2020, 105 '
  • Stop-Zemlya, dir. Kateryna Gornostai, drama, Ukraine 2021, 117 '
  • U311 Cherkasy, dir. Tymur Jaszczenko, war drama, Ukraine, Poland 2019, 102 '
  • Rival, dir. Marcus Lenz, drama, Ukraine, Germany 2020, 96
  • I Work at a Cemetery, comedy-drama, dir. Oleksij Taranenko, Ukraine 2021, 103 '

Documentary films

  • The Rain Will Never Stop, dir. Alina Gorlova, documentary, Ukraine 2020, 102 '
  • Ivan's Land, dir. Andrij Lysecki, documentary, Ukraine 2021, 86 '
  • The Bonneville Salt, dir. Semen Mozhowyj, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia 2020, 74 '
  • My War, dir. Masza Kondakowa, Ukraine 2020, 68 '
  • The Earth is Blue Like an Orange, dir. Iryna CiÅ‚yk, Ukraine 2020, 74 '
  • Roses. Cabaret film, dir. Irena Stecenko, Ukraine 2021, 78 '

Contemporary Ukrainian animation

  • The War That Changed the Roundabout, dir. Olha Havrylova, Ukraine 2020
  • Flash temperature, dir. Olena Riznychenko, Ukraine 2020
  • Unnecessary Things, dir. Dmytro Lisenbrat, Ukraine 2020
  • I wanted to fly a long time ago, dir. Elina Pupina, Mykyta Å»urawlow, Ukraine 2021
  • Responsible Hero, dir. Roman Lysenko, Ukraine 2021
  • A bridge to the city has been attached, dir. Klem Klymczuk, Ukraine 2021
  • The Tiger Strolling Around, dir. Anastasiya Falileyeva, Ukraine 2021
  • Empathy, dir. Maria Saptova, Ukraine 2020
  • CATnBAT - Evolution, dir. Sashko Danylenko, Valery Lifirenko, Ukraine 2021
  • Deep Water, dir. Anna Dudok, Ukraine, 2020
  • Papier-Mâché, dir. Anastasia FeliÅ‚eyeva, Ukraine, 2021
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