Ukraine is the first in Eastern Europe. The law on e-residency in Ukraine has entered into force

Thanks to the law, foreign IT specialists can become entrepreneurs in Ukraine and pay taxes to our state budget. And it’s all online.

The launch of e-residency will allow foreigners to:

  • become entrepreneurs in Ukraine in a few clicks;
  • manage your business remotely using modern technologies;
  • to sign documents with an electronic signature;
  • open and manage bank accounts remotely;
  • pay taxes on preferential terms.

What will it bring to Ukraine?

E-residency will allow attracting international investments and make our country a world IT brand.

According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, only in the first year after the full launch of the project, about 1,000 foreign entrepreneurs will receive the status of e-residents. And this is +1 million dollars to the Ukrainian budget.

  • Entrepreneurs who have income in Ukraine cannot become e-residents.
  • Citizens of Russia and other countries on the sanction list will not be able to become e-residents.

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