Ukraine ordered 100 Rosomak armored personnel carriers from Poland

Ukraine has ordered 100 Rosomak eight-wheeled armored fighting vehicles from Poland, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in a tweet. He noted that the purchase would be paid for with money the EU and the US provided to Ukraine.

As the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita clarifies, the minister made the corresponding statement during his visit to the Rosomak SA plant in Siemianowice-Slensk, where these armored vehicles are produced. According to the publication, the plant can produce up to a hundred cars a year, but if the plant switches to two shifts, the production volume will double.

Rosomak is a licensed version of the Finnish Patria AMV armored fighting vehicle. This machine is designed according to a modular principle – many machines of different classes can be made on one standard chassis. Thanks to this, Rosomak is produced in over a dozen variants, including an armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, self-propelled mortar, anti-tank, command, engineering, ambulance, and other vehicles.

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