Ukraine recovery plan: three priorities in the agricultural sector

The plan for the restoration of Ukraine defines three priorities in the agricultural sector for the war period.

This is stated in the message of the European Business Association, whose representatives took part in the presentation and discussion of the plan with representatives of the National Council for the restoration of Ukraine from the consequences of the war.

So, the first priority is the development of export logistics.

“Thanks, among other things, to the efforts of business, even without ports, we achieved considerable success and increased the volume of exported agricultural products from 350 thousand tons in March to 3 million tons in July. And from August, the Black Sea ports will also be added to the logistics corridors,” the EBA notes.

“The second is crop storage. With the support of FAO, Ukraine will receive the necessary equipment for grain storage, which will help solve the lack of granaries.”

“The third is lending and access to financing for the agricultural sector, on which the Ukrainian side is actively working with partners. The post-war development of the agricultural sector involves the development of processing, the growth of added value, the development of bioenergy, animal husbandry, horticulture, etc.,” the experts specified.

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