Ukraine requested 30 types of weapons from Bulgaria, including air defense

The issue of deliveries of 152 mm howitzers remains relevant.

Ukraine sent Bulgaria a request for the supply of 30 types of weapons. The list turned out to be “wide and varied”, but only the partner’s equipment was included in it. The main emphasis was placed on air defense systems to protect the sky.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Bulgaria, Vitaliy Moskalenko, spoke about this in a conversation with the Bulgarian portal FrogNews. The diplomat said: “From the beginning, we asked Bulgaria for various weapons. In the list provided by the Ministry of Defense, we noted more than 30 items, particularly the air defense systems that are most needed now.”

Moskalenko added that Ukraine had requested S-300 systems for sky protection and various anti-aircraft missile systems. The issue of deliveries of 152-mm howitzers, self-propelled guns, artillery shells, and mortars also “remains topical.”

According to the diplomat, the list turned out to be “quite wide and varied.” There are chances that Bulgaria will satisfy many points because the state possesses all types of weapons from the list.

Earlier, we sent an application for helicopters and Su-25 and MiG-29 aircraft. All the weapons that have been in Bulgaria since the Soviet era are absolutely necessary for us, necessary for Ukraine,” Moskalenko summed up.

  • In early May, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kirill Petkov, visited Kyiv. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky agreed with him on repairing damaged equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at Bulgarian enterprises.
  • Moskalenko in June, sent an official note to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry with a request to provide our country with Soviet-style equipment. To this, Petkov replied that the parliament had blocked the decision to supply weapons to Ukraine. However, Bulgaria will help in other ways.
  • In August, Bulgaria’s Acting Economy Minister, Aleksander Mikhailov, announced that the country had sent 4,200 tons of weapons to Ukraine.
  • On November 3, the Bulgarian parliament approved the supply of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 175 deputies voted for this decision, and 49 opposed it.

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