Ukraine will receive 500.000 vaccine doses from Denmark and 100.000 from Romania

Thanks to the European Civil Protection Mechanism, which offers of assistance from EU Member States to countries in need, Ukraine will receive COVID-19 vaccines from Denmark and Romania. The European Commission coordinates the delivery and finances up to 75% of the costs for transporting the assistance.

EU Member States continue to support global vaccination efforts. 3 million vaccines have already been facilitated via the European Civil Protection Mechanism. I thank all countries for showing their solidarity. Vaccination for all is essential to beat this global pandemic.

Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management

Currently the EU is supporting the delivery of the following offers to countries not EU Members States:

  • Albania: 250 000 doses from Denmark and 30 000 from Latvia;
  • Bhutan: 129 000 vaccine doses from Denmark and 10 000 doses from Croatia;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 250 000 doses from Denmark;
  • Kosovo: 250 000 doses from Denmark;
  • North Macedonia: 250 000 doses from Denmark;
  • Taiwan: 10 000 doses from Slovakia;
  • Tunisia: 50 400 doses from Latvia;
  • Ukraine: 500 000 doses from Denmark and 100 800 doses from Romania;

Since the start of the pandemic, the EU has also supported the delivery of various in-kind help. The EU member states, via the European Civil Protection Mechanism, have delivered millions of masks, protective suits, disinfectants, and other support such as ambulances and ventilators to help the global fight against COVID-19.


The EU Civil Protection Mechanism is one of the tools that has been instrumental in providing support to countries requesting assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. Through the Mechanism, the EU helps coordinate and finance the delivery of vaccines, medical and protective equipment and other material across Europe and the world, to countries that seek assistance.

To date, EU Member States have pledged over 159 million vaccines doses with countries outside the EU via Covax, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism or bilaterally.

Source: Press Corner of European Commission

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