Ukraine’s pharmaceutical company Interchem increases its stock of medicines as a precaution

As part of a stress scenario in the event of escalation of hostilities, the pharmaceutical company Interchem LLC, based in Odessa, is increasing stocks of raw materials and forming additional reserves of finished products for a number of items.

We have revised the calculation criteria and approaches to the formation of stocks of raw materials and products. For the most vulnerable stock items, we are taking all necessary measures to increase them, including allocating additional working capital for a prompt response to force majeure situations.

Anatoliy Reder, General Director of Interchem LLC

Raeder noted that recently there have been interruptions in the supply of raw materials and consumables. To a greater extent, they concerned imported products delivered by sea. However, at the same time, he said that this is a common problem for the entire pharmaceutical industry and for the Ukrainian business in general, which largely depends on external raw materials.

In addition, the Interchem CEO said that the company was also concerned about possible complications with the supply of raw materials, which were carried out by air freight transportation. For example, if insurance companies for cargo flights take measures similar to those they have taken in relation to passenger air travel.

It is important for us that all directions and types of transport logistics function, since Interchem receives raw materials for production both by land, by air, and by sea,” he said.

Commenting on the issue of possible changes in the range of products, Reder noted that the company had already formed a production program and production volumes of a particular commodity item, taking into account its possible increased demand in the event of escalation of hostilities.

In order to prevent “any kind of failure” in the production process, the company has optimized the work schedule: production has moved to a six-day work week with three shifts on weekdays. In addition, as part of the development of the stress scenario, Interchem revised a program of foreign business trips, developed an emergency plan for evacuation of employees and conservation of production, and also carries out complex equipment of a bomb shelter in one of the largest residential areas of Odessa on its own, Reder specified.

“I really hope that with such thoughtful actions we will be able to avoid a shortage of raw materials and ensure uninterrupted supply of products. After all, the main task of the company today is to mobilize as much as possible in order to ensure the stable operation of production and uninterrupted shipment of products. People should not have a reason to panic due to a shortage of essential goods, and especially medicines,” the CEO says.

Anatoliy Reder

Interchem is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country. The company is a supplier of medicines for the programs of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Interchem is a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine.