Ukrainian artillerymen use Serbian ammunition

Photo: 122-mm ER Grad 2000 missiles in Ukraine. Photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

The defense forces use Serbian 122-mm rockets of the new ER Grad 2000. They significantly exceed the capabilities of other missiles in the arsenal of the Ukrainian army, report Militarnyi.

The news was made public by analysts of the Ukraine Weapons Tracker OSINT channel.

After the public announcement of Serbia’s possible sale of 3,500 missiles to the MLRS through an intermediary, UWP analysts confirmed that the Serbian missiles were indeed supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and used by Ukrainian forces in the war against Russia.

According to UWP, rockets were spotted in Ukraine a few months ago, but for security reasons, they were not published by the media.

Ukrainian gunners carry a 122-mm ER Grad 2000 rocket. Photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

It is claimed that the ammunition was purchased from the Serbian enterprise Krušik by the Canadian company JNJ Export Import.

The company Arca Savunma Sanayi Ticaret transported containers with ammunition from Serbia to Turkey, and from there, the missiles were delivered to Ukraine via Slovakia.

The video shows transport containers of 122-mm rockets for RZSV brought in transit in a warehouse in the capital of Slovakia. The supplier is the Serbian defense company Krušik.

The main difference between the ER Grad 2000 rocket munitions of the Serbian defense company Krušik is the increased maximum range of 40 km, which is twice the range of the Soviet 9M21OF missiles.

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