Ukrainian fighters eliminated the deputy chief of staff of PMC “Wagner”

During a combat mission, soldiers of the Ukrainian special forces “Hort” liquidated the deputy chief of staff of the PMC “Wagner” mercenaries.

The Hort special unit reported this on Facebook.

“During the performance of a combat mission, the soldiers of our special forces in close combat encountered a group of militants of the infamous Prigozhin PMC Wagner. The combat contact sent the entire enemy group to hell. Among the two hundredth Wagnerites, the deputy chief of staff was identified,” the report says.

The servicemen also “captured” the weapon of the liquidated invader – AK-12. Hort noted that the enemy army adopted this assault rifle in 2018.

  • Soldiers of PMC “Wagner” actively participate in the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is known that the majority of members of the Russian PMC “Wagner” are mercenaries from among the former prisoners. They also account for the biggest percentage of deaths.
  • Inmates of Russian prisons suffering from serious infectious diseases, in particular HIV and hepatitis C, began to be massively recruited into the ranks of the “Wagnerites”. Among other militants who are forced to serve alongside the infected, there is growing indignation at this situation.

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