Ukrainian film “Love” receives two awards at Zubroffka Short Film Festival in Poland

Nikita Lyskov is a talented cartoonist from Dnipro. His animated film “Love” is already two years old, but the picture successfully continues its festival journey.

The film, created with the support of the State Cinema, won two awards at the XV International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA, which has just finished in Poland: the main prize in the section Window to the East / OKNO NA WSCHÓD and the award of Polish journalists jury.

For spontaneous expression and erudition in showing socio-political changes in Ukraine. But for revealing eroticism in the most unexpected situations.

Polish journalists jury

In 2019, animated film director Nikita Lyskov created the short film “Kohannya / Love”, which became the first Ukrainian film to be nominated for the largest animation festival in Annecy. Author and director Nikita Lyskov, music design and sound Anton Baibakov, producer Andriy Granitsa.

Also, the animated picture was included in the programme of the short film Clermont-Ferrand and was awarded an award at the prestigious DOK.Leipzig festival. On account of Nikita, there are many other works, including “I bought a bicycle”, “City” and “The End”. This year, the director was included in the jury of the LINOLEUM 2020 animation festival.

“Kohannya / Love” Screenshot

For a tragicomic, absurd combination of situations and characters and a fascinating diagnosis of post-communist society.

The jury of the competition “Window to the East / Okno na Wschod”

The film tells a love story with the help of characters. The film consists of episodes that are not connected in plot and style, which have a single mood and a single meaning: a witty story-reflection on the relationship between people is revealed through sounds.

video image

Kohannia (Deep Love) Trailer by: Mykyta Lyskov

Thanks to modern technologies, today we have a new stage in the development of animation art. A person, having a computer, anywhere in the world, can make a cartoon, and he does not need to ask anyone for permission to do this. Such plots, such violations of taboos, ignorance of established rules, as in the past 10 years, have never been in animation. Thanks to modern technologies, animation as an art has made a leap, there are simply mind-blowing cartoons.

Nikita Lyskov

Nikita Lyskov was born in 1983 in the Dnipro. Studied painting at the Art School, in 2012 graduated from the University. Karpenko-Kary with a degree in animation film directing.

Nikita Lyskov
Photo: Nikita Lyskov

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