Ukrainian hospitals to receive modern CT scanners

More than 20 modern computed tomography machines will be delivered to Ukrainian hospitals. The day before, they were purchased by SE Medical Procurement of Ukraine. The computed tomography equipment will be distributed to medical institutions in different parts of Ukraine. Three CT scanners will also be installed at the Heart Institute, the National Cancer Institute, and the Okhmatdyt.

“The Ministry of Health continues to work on improving the material and technical resources of medical institutions. Over the past year, we managed to supply around 12,000 units of medical equipment worth about UAH 4 billion to hospitals. And this is just the beginning. Now, with the help of international partners and via procurement from the state budget, we continue to provide medical institutions with critical equipment that will allow us to provide Ukrainians with high-quality and free diagnostic services,” said Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

According to the Minister, medical institutions, for their part, should facilitate the installation and commissioning of the equipment so that it could be used to save lives and health of Ukrainians as soon as possible.

The equipment will enable high-quality and timely diagnostics for thousands of Ukrainian patients.

As a reminder, computed tomography is free of charge for patients as prescribed by a doctor and is covered by the Medical Guarantee Program.

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