Ukrainian Institute is announcing a digital library of modern Ukrainian drama

Ukrainian Drama Translations is a digital library of translations of modern Ukrainian drama into the languages ​​of the world on a separated digital platform

In partnership with the global initiative Worldwide Readings Project and the Birbeck Center for Contemporary Theater, the Ukrainian Institute is initiating the creation of a digital library of translations of contemporary Ukrainian drama into world languages ​​on a separate digital platform. A passport card accompanies each text included in the library in English with information about the author, the owner of both the original text and the translation, and a brief description.

The basis of the library was the drama base, formed as a result of the global initiative Worldwide Readings Project and combined with the assets of translations created within the program of the Ukrainian Institute Transmission.ua: drama on the move. Currently, more than 100 translations of modern Ukrainian drama have been added to the consolidated database. The project team systematizes and reviews the available materials.

The project has an open system structure and is constantly growing. Authors and translators who already have translated dramas ready and would like to make them available in the library’s catalog will soon have this opportunity. After processing the existing translation database, a set of new arrivals will be opened. An international panel of experts composed of professional translators and playwrights will review the new texts.

Coordinating partner – UKRDRAMAHUB – a portal of modern Ukrainian drama.

The library is created with the financial support of the International Relief Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine within the project “Theatrical windows. Work in progress” implemented by the NGO “Theater na Zhukakh”.

The Worldwide Readings Project is a global initiative that actively encourages theaters, acting troupes, amateur and professional groups around the world to read plays by Ukrainian playwrights protesting against the unjust war in their country.

The Birkbeck Center for Contemporary Theater is a space where theater directors, critics and spectators gather to share knowledge, ideas and practices related to contemporary theater and drama. The center’s programs focus on the study of cultural policy and identity, socially responsible artistic practices, new writing, drama and technology, and modern theater.

“Theatrical windows. Work in progress” is part of the educational program “Theatrical Window to Europe”, initiated by the Zhuky Theater in 2011 and aimed at bringing Ukrainian and European theatrical spaces closer together.

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