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Ukrainian Live Classic music is available in one click

09 Jan, 2021
Ukrainian Live Classic music is available in one click

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Ukrainian Live Classic is the world's first mobile application of Ukrainian classical music. Professional high-quality audio and video recordings are available at a touch away.

A unique application appeared in mobile stores, where high-quality Ukrainian classics will be collected. Ukrainian Live Classic is created by the Lviv public organization Collegium with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. You can listen to professional recordings of Ukrainian classics and learn more about Ukrainian composers for free.

Ukrainian music is a huge sea of ​​interesting, original, atypical and artistically perfect works. It just so happened over the years that the general public knew almost nothing about them

Ivan Ostapovych, Art director of the project
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The ULCLassic project aims to change this injustice. Ukrainian classics are finally going beyond and like a tsunami wave travels around the planet. Symphonist Borys Lyatoshynsky, avant-garde Stefania Turkevych, choral genius Mykhailo Verbytsky and more than 40 key Ukrainian composers whose music is worth listening to in the 21st century.

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The ULClassic mobile application and the ukrainianlive.org media platform will be the first structured collection of the best examples of Ukrainian classical music. In the application you can enjoy classical music for free, and you can learn more about composers, history and styles of Ukrainian music on the website. The authors of all texts are members of the Galician Music Society, art critic Teresa Mazepa and Lyubov Kiyanovska.

Since 2011, the Collegium team has been systematically working on recording and organizing concerts. A special event was the All-Ukrainian tour Ukrainian Live Tour, which resulted in the release of professional recordings of unknown works by Ukrainian composers, whose work has long been silenced.

We have decided that such records should be made public and distributed. However, the YouTube or Spotify format was unsatisfactory at this stage. So we decided to create a new concrete place, a Ukrainian place of meditation, as we call it

Taras Demko, Project director
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There are critically few professional recordings of Ukrainian music. Imagine that classical music is a reserve with unique species of animals and plants. The Ukrainian music reserve is on the verge of extinction. There are only a few recordings of the full cycle of symphonies by Lyatoshynsky, a classic of Ukrainian music of the first order. For comparison: records of Tchaikovsky's symphonies - thousands

Ivan Ostapovych, co-founder of Collegium Management, director of the Lviv Organ Hall.

The idea of ​​the project creation was born in collaboration with Volodymyr Olshansky, who worked in the book sector and has experience working with Ukrainian audiobooks and music. Volodymyr is responsible for the visual style of the UL Classic project and is the coordinator of the creative team's work with the developer.

In the UL Classic application, you can listen to audio at 320 kbps and video with 1080 HD resolution. The user can choose the music of a certain composer or listen to mood playlists. Tracks will also be sorted by historical style (baroque, classicism, romanticism, etc.), genre (instrumental, vocal, symphonic music).

Recordings can be saved and listened to in the app, even offline. However, it is simply impossible to find the downloaded file in the phone's folders, so UL Classic will be protected from pirates.

Switch-to-audio mode is also available, allowing you to listen to the videos and continue your business. If you have a large smart TV at home, you can broadcast a video concert or audio album thanks to the cast function.

There will be no paid advertising in the application. Its monetization will be carried out through a system of "donuts". Funding for the development of the application was provided by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

UL Classic only collects professional copyrighted records. A contract for free use in the appendix is ​​concluded for each work, indicating all copyright.

There are recordings made by our concert agency for seven years of its activity. Some of us were provided by bands or performers. We invite contemporary composers and performers to join the project

Ivan Ostapovych, co-founder of Collegium Management, director of the Lviv Organ Hall
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The creators pay special attention to the structure in order to present each epoch as fully as possible. The project is aimed primarily at a wide audience that wants to enjoy quality music. But musicians and art critics will also be interested.

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