Ukrainian military recaptures kilometers of the Kherson region and burns enemy equipment

Ukrainian military recaptures the Kherson region. The Russian occupiers claimed that the region was completely under their control, but the Ukrainian military had already recaptured several villages, set fire to vehicles, and videotaped several burned infantry fighting vehicles, a broken checkpoint, and broken-down cars. Some are still rusting in the fields, some are already being scrapped.

“This is an infantry fighting vehicle that was destroyed by our battalion. Very beautiful (burned – ed.), As for the new year “, – the fighters show the technique.

There is actually a lot of burnt equipment in these fields. “In our beautiful shots, our work to destroy the enemy, along with artillery and paratroopers, ammunition is not left, but we have our own, 2 infantry fighting vehicles cut to pieces, we decide whether it is better to burn it in the landing, we also see them it will be easier to walk, “said the military.

Here you can see that it was fierce, because the equipment was burnt on all sides, the main rule of these places is not to get off the road in any case, but everything can be seen that way, even someone’s “vest” is lying.

“In a few days we have moved 15 kilometers forward. The russians polluted two fields with this burnt equipment, and when the ammunition detonated, the tower was thrown to the other part of the field,” the military said.

“Russia said that they were fine with the equipment, and when we looked, even the spare wire was screwed on,” the guys added.

At the same time, without communication, electricity, food, medicine and even water, looted shops, destroyed houses – this is how villages in the occupied Kherson region live today. Residents of Vysokopillya beg for help, and they have been under occupation for two weeks. And for a week now the Stanislav community has been under constant fire from enemy artillery. The famous clay rocks are located, which tourists call the Ukrainian Grand Canyon. Stanislav is already half-destroyed, people say. In addition, there is no connection with other villages in the community. In particular, with the town of Alexandrovka. Most of the houses and the school were destroyed there. People are forced to live in broken houses, hide in basements. Please provide an opportunity to evacuate. Today, according to residents of Stanislav, they were waiting for buses to evacuate to Odessa. But the occupiers did not allow people to leave.

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