Ukrainian Nikita Kuzmenko received the MTV Video Music Awards 2022 award

Ukrainian cameraman Nikita Kuzmenko, who works in the team with Tanu Muino, received the MTV VMA 2022 award. He won in the “Best Cinematography” nomination.

On the night of August 29, the MTV Video Music Awards 2022 award ceremony took place. Harry Styles’ clip and song “As It Was” won in several nominations. The video work for the artist was created by the team of Ukrainian director Tanu Muino.

Harry Styles’ clip “As It Was” won in the “Best Pop Song” and “Best Cinematography” nominations. Therefore, the award went to Ukrainian cameraman Nikita Kuzmenko, who shot a video for the musician.

Note that the song “As It Was” also claimed other awards. In particular, in the nominations “Video of the Year”, “Best Director’s Work” and “Best Choreography”.

  • This year, Ukrainian video maker Tanu Muino received 9 nominations for MTV VMA 2022. In addition to Harry Styles’ clip, these are the works of Normani, Cardi B Wild Side – Wild Side (three nominations: “Best r&b video”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Choreography” ) and Post Malone, The Weeknd – One Right Now (“Best video created in collaboration”).
  • Last year, in 2021, Tanu Muino won the “Best Director’s Work” nomination. She shot the MONTERO video for the outrageous rapper Lil Nas X, and the musician won two more nominations.

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