Ukrainian Olympic champion won the World Cup in clay pigeon shooting

The world best shooter of clay pigeon is from Odessa. The Olympic champion Nikolay Milchev took first place at the World Cup in clay pigeon shooting, in Cairo.

This is the third victory of the Odessa athlete at the World Cup stages (the first was also in Cairo, in 2009), the press service of the regional department of the NOC of Ukraine reported.

In the final match, Milchev knocked out 54 targets out of 60, one point ahead of the Danish athlete Jesper Hansen.

The Odessite got to the final after a shootout, in which he competed with three more athletes. In qualifying, he broke 120 targets out of 125, as did his opponents. Five more shooters had 121 targets each, which secured them to the final top 6. In a shootout, the Odessa resident fought for the last ticket to the final and got it, breaking eight targets out of eight.

In the final after the first round, the Olympic champion shared the second or fourth places – 18 out of 20. Then Milchev was constantly in the top three, and after there were only three athletes left, he came out on top – 36 out of 40, ahead of the competition by a point. And he did not give up the champion position, demonstrating excellent readiness and strong nerves.

Nikolay Milchev represents the FSO “Kolos” and the Olympic Training Center in Novaya Dolina. He still has a chance to get to his fifth Olympics. The licensed European Championship will take place in May in the Croatian city of Osijek.

Odessa shooter became famous in 2000, at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Then, he won gold and set an absolute Olympic record – 150 points out of 150 possible. It cannot be surpassed – only repeated.

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net