Ukrainian polar explorers showed incredible photos of August snow at the Vernadsky Research Base

The polar bearers go outside directly from the balcony of the second floor.

A real winter has come for Ukrainian polar explorers from the Antarctic Vernadsky Research Base. The station was covered with so much snow that employees go outside from the second floor’s balcony.

The National Antarctic Science Center reported this.

August brought a real winter to “Vernadsky”: blizzards have not subsided there for about a week, and the station is constantly covered with snow. Currently, the height of the snow cover on our Galindez Island is more than 2.2 m, and some drifts have reached five meters!

Vernadsky Research Base

The intense snowfall created a real winter fairy tale at the station but kindly added work to the polar explorers. The entire team is trying to quickly clear the snow because the temperature rise to +1°C makes it extremely heavy and quickly turns into ice in Antarctic conditions.

During the last cleaning, the wind increased, and supercooled rain began, which froze with a layer of ice on the wires, equipment, station, snow, and even on the polar explorers’ jackets! But since the blizzards continue, the ice is already covered with a new layer of snow.

meteorologist of the 27th UAE Anzhelika Hanchuk.

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