Ukrainian Shorts by Babylon Villeneuve in Paris

Babylon Villeneuve presents 10 films made during the war by different directors and under different circumstances. Tickets

By the words of the organizers, these ten films are filled with great love and boundless heartache, they will make you want to live and will probably make you cry, make you close your eyes. However ; what you will see on the screen will not reflect a single drop of the pain that Ukraine is going through. As it will not translate a drop of the faith in the future that she lives for.

Babylon Villeneuve is an international cooperation project associating documentary filmmakers BABYLON’13 ?? and the NGO Maison Ukrainienne, aiming to distribute Ukrainian documentaries to the French public.

  • Bohdanchyk (2015) by Oleksandra Chupryna
  • Kyiv. A day at the station by Kostia Klyatskin, Jenia Kozeko
  • Kyiv zoo during the war by Yuliia Chachkova, Serhii Stetsenko
  • Through the eyes of a Japanese by Volodymyr Tykhyi, Serhii Stetsenko
  • The second breath by Maksym Lukashov, Dmytro Zaglinsky
  • Sowing. We are at home by Illia Yehorov
  • Mariupol. The theater shelter by Yulia Hontarouk
  • Izium 21.09.2022 by Denys Vorontsov, Anton Baibakov
  • Mariupol Fortress. The last day in Azovstal by Orest, Yulia Hontarouk
  • A night for the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade by Ivan Saoutkin

We wish to consolidate the French community concerned around the problems of Ukraine through cultural and media influence.

Babylon 13′

Art exhibitions, auctions of works of art for charity purposes and discussions around Ukrainian snacks and wines will accompany the screenings.

We also want to increase the number of French donors who support Ukraine in its fight for European security through financial and informational support.

Babylon 13′

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