Ukrainian Siri, ECG in Apple Watch and population census on innovative technologies: Mykhailo Fedorov discussed joint projects with Apple

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov and his Deputy Aleksandr Bornyakov during an official visit to the United States met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and discussed work on joint projects.

At the heart of the tech giant’s birth in Cupertino, they discussed working on joint projects. The President stressed that the Ukrainian IT sector is developing rapidly today, and the official opening of Apple’s office in Ukraine is additional evidence of the prospects of our market.

I hope that the dynamics of Apple’s development and the pace of digitalization of our country will help create a success story of Apple in Ukraine and Apple with Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky
Volodymyr Zelensky’s meeting with Tim Cook

For more than a year, the Ministry of Finance has been cooperating with Apple in several areas. These include localizing Siri’s voice assistant in Ukrainian, launching an ECG service for the Apple Watch, and improving the distribution and selection of content for Ukrainian Apple Music.

The meeting discussed possible cooperation in the direction of the census. We want to conduct a census in Ukraine using innovative approaches and use digital tools. We are currently studying the world’s best practices to develop the best and most effective methodology for Ukraine.

Apple already has a successful case of conducting a census in one of the US states. Therefore, they discussed with them the possibility of exchanging experience and promoting technical opportunities for Ukraine.

We are grateful to Apple for the constant cooperation with our ministry because we want Ukrainians to use all the company’s services. In addition, they discussed possible collaboration in teaching programming to schoolchildren, students and veterans. As well as in the field of healthcare, school computerization and localization of Apple products to the Ukrainian market.

Mykhailo Fedorov

Mykhailo Fedorov and Tim Cook
Photo: Mykhailo Fedorov Facebook page

The parties also discussed the possibility of Apple building a data center for iCloud services in Ukraine – on the example of the center, which was built in Denmark. In addition, the Diia City project was presented.

One of the issues discussed at the meeting was creating a Ukrainian music editorial team to optimize the recommendations on the Apple Music homepage. With the support of the Ministry of Finance, a joint letter of appeal to Apple from representatives of Ukrainian artists and music organizations was handed over at the meeting. This decision is actively supported by representatives of the Ukrainian music industry, in particular, the Foundation for the Development of Ukrainian Music, labels Mozgi Group, LTD Supersymetria, as well as Ocean Elzy, Onuka, Pianoboy, Go-A, Christina Soloviy, Sasha Chemerov, Bez Obmezhen, Antytila, Druga Rika, Vova zi Lvova and other popular artists.

In addition, Tim Cook and Mikhail Fedorov discussed the development of digital documents. Apple this year patented the display of passports and driver’s licenses in the Wallet application. Therefore, the head of the Ministry of Finance shared the Ukrainian experience of implementing the world’s first digital passports and showed the CEO of Apple the application Diia, which he liked.