Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas repelled 14 attacks

In the sky of the Ukrainian Donbass, one plane and 7 enemy unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down.

Today, 14 enemy attacks have been successfully repelled in Donbass, one aircraft and 7 UAVs have been shot down. This was reported by the press center of the headquarters of the Joint Operation Forces.

It is noted that during the current day, the servicemen successfully repulsed 14 enemy attacks and, thanks to their skillful actions and skill, losses were inflicted on the Russian invaders.

“In particular, the Ukrainian defenders destroyed 11 tanks, 7 artillery systems, 27 armored vehicles, one armored fighting vehicle and 14 enemy objects,” the report says.

It is also noted that air defense units in the sky of the Ukrainian Donbass shot down one plane and 7 enemy unmanned aerial vehicles.

Earlier, on April 28, the service members of the Joint Operation Forces successfully repulsed 9 enemy attacks, destroyed 6 tanks, one artillery system, and also shot down one plane, one cruise missile and 5 unmanned aerial vehicles.

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