Ukrainian theatre online: “Othello.Ukraine.Facebook”

This Ukrainian theater situated in Kyiv was created in 1980 as Theatre of Poetry. Valerij Patsunov who is its leading figure perceives the theater art from the Golden Gate Theatre as something where the visual show, poetry of a word and music meet with scene architecture and masterful skills of actors. The Golden Gate Theatre has gained a reputation of one of the best chamber theaters around the world. It has been repeatedly awarded at prestigious theater festivals.

Have you ever heard that William Shakespeare is a pseudonym, which many writers have used in the past? Golden Gate Theater brings to your attention a groundbreaking exhibition of playwrights and directors who have worked under this famous pen name. Does this notion seem peculiar to you? We sure hope you have evidence to contradict it. Whether something is true or fictional is a question of faith, not of facts, documents and evidence. Whether you believe in Harry Potter, fair elections or Chupacabra, they exist.. in a parallel universe, such as Facebook. Or any other social network.